As a recent grad, some of my friends are still in the "party like we're in college" mentality. Which, if that's you, that's you. But while I did have my wild times, I haven't wanted to get drunk for a while.

Now, let me clarify. I drink. I enjoy drinking. But unless it happens because I'm drinking over a long time, or making drinks more potent than I realized, I don't usually get drunk. Tipsy, sure. That stage between tipsy and drunk? Yea. But I haven't gone drinking to get drunk intentionally in a while.

Again, if that's what you're into, great. No judgement. Unless you are one of my friends, and all your hanging out seems to consist solely of getting smashed and hooking up. When I am in a relationship and Boyfriend and I want to be able to drive home to a comfortable bed, not the floor.


The biggest thing is waiting for my friends to realize that they can have a good time with friends without getting hammered. And realizing I'm fun to hang out with, even if they aren't going to bang me. Which I'm pretty sure is a legit reason why one of my guy friends isn't really interested in hanging out with me, though he's never been interested in me. He just wants to get drunk and bang. And that's really a bumming-out reason for a friend to not want to hang out.

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