Ack. Tomorrow I have a job interview in the city. I have to travel quite a bit. If I can get this job, it means I can move out and move in with my boyfriend. We have been talking about moving since before I graduated... I just need to get a job so we can afford to do so.

This job is an amazing opportunity. I have a good chance at it. I am trying my best not to even get excited about it, because I will be upset enough as it is if I don't, and if I get excited...

If we move, we will be closer to friends and the city, obviously. We will be closer to Boyfriend's work, so he doesn't have to spend even close to the kind of money he is now in his commute. My friends are in that area.


And the job has a lot of opportunities within the company. It could really be it for me. And my student loan grace period ending soon.... Well, it certainly would help with that, too.

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