I've made my list of panels I want to see, have marked which ones are NOT negotiable (The Welcome to Night Vale Panel and the Mary Sue Panel), and I have made my list of artists to go visit in Artist Alley.

The problem? Well, I already know there is going to be a $25 Super Best Friends Poison Ivy collectible, exclusive to this con. And I found an exhibitor that has House Mormont shirts... And Mormont is hard to find. That shirt is $25. So I'm basically $50 spent already.

Plus, I know I want at least one print from one of the artists I want to see. That'll probably be around $20.


The good news is, Boyfriend and I agreed to bring sammiches for lunch, so that will save us some money. And we're really only interested in parties that are free with free drinks. So we're in agreement on that.

I love cons, but I see money going out the window right now.

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